“Dialogo industria-academia (Industry-academia dialogue)” was a workshop to promote partnerships between industry, University and Government, using the “triple helix model”, in the areas of big data and bio-economy in Colombia.  

The event was held at Universidad de Los Andes campus and facilitated by trained facilitators from the Earlham Institute. The event included 16 participants from industry and Governmental institutions, and 16 participants from Universities.

The workshop included two plenary speakers from the “Mision de Sabios”, which is a panel of experts reporting to the President of Colombia about Science and Innovation policy. This event allowed us, participants and facilitators to engage with policy-makers, The main objective of this event aligns with the Objective to build partnerships between industry and academia.

During two days, they analysed the challenges and opportunities for the “big data” sector in Colombia, and the tentative role of this sector in the socio-economic growth of Colombia. The 32 participants were selected from 123 applicants. The event included opportunities for “speed networking” between industry and Universities, and group activities to discuss the priorities for the data-driven innovation and economic growth.