Find here the innovative list of talks, workshops and the HPC Summer School that we have scheduled for this year.

Introduction to parallel computing

Parallel computing allows to accelerate the processing of scientific and enterprise application by using the multiple cores and graphics processing units (GPUs) available in modern computers. Today parallel computing has applications in mathematics, physics, biology, mechanics, artificial intelligence, image processing, among other areas. Speaker: Aurelio Vivas


Weather Forecasting Modeling

Who works Numerical Weather Forecast? What is the relationship between weather and climate? What is a model? What needs for running a forecast? Speaker: Hugo Rico


Introduction to Molecular Dynamics

Molecular dynamics (MD) is a computer simulation method for analyzing the physical movements of atoms and molecules. The acceleration of molecular dynamics (MD) simulations using high-performance is critical for solving problems such the COVID vaccine development in a short perior fo time. In this talk, an introduction to molecular dynamics will be made. People of…


Introduction to GPU Programming

The GPU has always been a processor with ample computational resources. Over the past of the years, the GPU has evolved from a fixed special-purpose processor into a full-fledged parallel programmable processor. This gave way to the use of the GPU in many areas of science such as mathematics, physics, biology, machine learning, among others.…


4TH HPC Summer School

Five days of cutting-edge training on core skills for HPC, data science and data analytics Our Summer School provides a unique opportunity to attend state-of-the-art training delivered by world-leading academics and industry partners from around the globe, practicing hands-on exercises lead by renowned experts, and networking with your peers in an invaluable forum for knowledge…