Day 1

Building HPC Systems. Dr. Jaime H. Moreno url

Convergence of High-Performance Computing and Big Data Analytics: Application and Open Challenges. Dr. Silvina Caíno-Lores url

Nvidia for HealthCare. Dr. Pedro Cruz e Silva:

  • Nvidia AI & Analytics url
  • Nvidia Clara Guardian url
  • Nvidia Clara Image url
  • Nvidia Clara Parabricks 3.0 url
  • Nvidia NV4COVID url

Day 2

Balancing Extremes: New Directions in Expanding AI-Driven Research. Paola A. Buitrago & Dr. Nicholas A. Nystrom. url

Biology at true resolution. Dr. Adriana Suarez. 10x Genomics. url

HPC on Amazon Web Services. Dr. Kevin Jorissen url

Amazon EC2 Instances powered by AWS Graviton2 Processors. Arthur Petitpierre url.

Day 3

Towards High-End Scalability on Bio-Inspired Computational Models. Dr. Dario Dematties, Dr. Silvio Rizzi and Dr. George K. Thiruvathukal url

Day 4

OpenACC training material

OpenACC docker images

Day 5

Deep Learning Demystified Biomedical AI Hands-On Workshop. Louvere Walker-Hannon. url

Parallel Computing Virtual Hands-On Workshop. Dr. Sergio Obando Quintero. url