Third Summer School

five days of cutting-edge training on core skills for HPC,data science and data analytics

Our Summer School provides a unique opportunity to attend state-of-the-art training delivered by world-leading academics and industry partners from around the globe, practising hands-on exercises lead by renowned experts, and networking with your peers in an invaluable forum for knowledge exchange.

The workshop targets practitioners from industry, government, or research organisations with
some basic training in quantitative analysis and computer programming
are particularly welcome. Aditional participants will be advanced
undergraduate and postgraduate students from any field requiring the
fundamentals of data science to work with typically large datasets and

Applied machine-learning

Bacteria, Illness, Virus, Infection, Ill, Cells, Bio


Artificial intelligence and data science are fast-growing areas of science which stand to have a major impact on the industrial future through applying AI to the vast amounts of data generated by scientific research.

It is becoming easier and easier to collect large amounts of data across a broad range of research areas, and there is a growing need to understand how this can best be exploited to make new discoveries. However, we know it is not sufficient to just collect data, the crucial step is in how to incorporate the domain knowledge that already exists into the computational methods used.

The Summer School aims to provide relevant training in these new AI methodologies, in a way that is acceptable and meaningful to researchers from the bio/health disciplines.

High-performance computing


The aim of the Summer School is to introduce the cornerstone of programming tools and techniques used for efficient parallel applications with special emphasis to High Performance Computing for students and professionals, among the fields of engineering and science, with basic and intermediate programming skills. This will allow them to advance their careers by harnessing the computational power of HPC to tackle large scale problems in their respective fields.

Following from the school initiative, the event intends to accomplish the creation of collaborative interdisciplinary groups and the education of the next generation of highly specialized programmers. Ultimately, procuring innovative and efficient algorithms to optimally process all kinds of workflows.

Our approach



Participants will learn by constructive cooperation with other programmers from abroad and other fields, under the guidance of worldwide recognized experts in the field.


International experts

immerse yourself and network with influential data science leaders from a range of companies including NVIDIA, IBM, AWS, MathWorks, National Labs including Argonne, OAK, Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and well known International Universities



Meet researchers and professionals from private and public sectors, thus stimulating the use of these technologies in Latin America and the world.


Two streams: experts and beginners

Create a tailored programme of study by selecting between introductory level or advanced level paralel sessions.


Real hands-on exercises

We aim to provide engaging training in new methodologies in a way that is acceptable and meaningful for non-experts.

Virtual workshop

It’s nice to be in-person, it really is, but a really simple solution we came up with was to give everyone a “space” using the best online tools. Everyone on video on video, speakers and participants, ready to answer your questions and collaborate in the practical sessions thorugh shared online “Jupiter notebooks”.


Zoom webminars
and chat rooms

Zoom is the leader in enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video conferencing and webinars. We will also use “Breakout Rooms” to facilitate the collaboration between groups.


Virtual Environments

Virtual Labs allows anybody to write, share and execute code through a web browser, and is especially well suited to machine learning, data analysis and education.


Discord channel

Discord is a
turbo-charged chatting platform used by  teams wordwide to work together. It will help us to collect materials and questions, and will allow networking between participants and taks groups.

National and international speakers from Academia and Industry


Jaime H. Moreno


Senior Manager, Data Centric High Performance Computing



Paola Buitrago

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Director, AI and Big Data Group



Kevin Jorissen

Research and Technical Computing Developer Manager



Arthur Petitpierre

Arm Instances Solutions Architect Specialist



Sergio Obando Quintero

Senior Application Engineer



Silvio Rizzi

Argonne National Laboratory



Debsindhu Bhowmik

Oak Ridge National Labs



Dario Dematties

University of Buenos Aires



Pedro Cruz e Silva




Louvere Walker-Hannon




Jose Manuel Monsalve Diaz

University of Delaware



George K. Thiruvathukal

Loyola University Chicago



Franklin Martinez

AI and Computer Vision Group, Technical lead.



Silvina Caíno-Lores

University of Tennessee

Post-Doctoral Research Associate



Adriana Suárez

10x Genomics

Science and Technological Advisor for Latin America



Carlos Jaime Barrios


UIS Associate Professor ; SCALAC General Chair ; SC3UIS Director ; NVIDIA-DLI Ambassador Instructor


Partners & Organizers


We have differentiated fees according to your profile. We highly encourage participation from women and minorities and offer a number of scholarships for students enrolled in academic institutions.

Payment details will be emailed by mid-may after filling the Pre-Registration form.


If you require financial support please note that we have a limiter number of scholarships. In order to apply, you must send a short letter (1 page) briefly explaining why would you like to attend and how this school will help you advance in your professional or academic career to the organizers before 12th July.


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Students: $110.000 COP

There is a 30% discount for early registration to all students until July 22


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Researchers/Professionals: $160.000 COP


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Past Events


2nd HPC Summer School

3-day Workshop of seminars + 1 “challenge” day in which the participants will develop the necessary basic skills to program in HPC environments (high performance computing)..

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1st Summer School

The school uses a hands-on approach, in which the participants will learn by developing parallel applications, presenting them with the opportunity for constructive cooperation with programmers from abroad as well as other fields of interest, under the guidance of worldwide recognized experts in the field.

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Diálogo industria Academia sobre Economía y Big data

La bioeconomia y las industrias emergentes como motores de desarrollo económico de nuestro país aprovechando la riqueza de biodiversidad y bioproductos.

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HPC UD’17 Workshop 

La serie de talleres sobre programación paralela y de alto desempeño, ofrecidos por la universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas tienen como objetivo proporcionar una introducción completa y práctica a técnicas y tecnologías de programación y optimización en computación paralela basadas en estándares y marcos abiertos con el fin de utilizar totalmente las capacidades de escalamiento de los sistemas de este tipo. Han sido concebidos con un enfoque muy práctico para la participación activa de los asistentes.

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The Secret of Success


Alejandro Montaña, Msc Student

I participated in the first Summer school, and since then I have to say that it changed my professional and academic perspective. When i attendented to the first Summer school i was only looking for some new perspectives about what it can be done in parallel computing, as a physicist i had to deal with the problem doing code that could scale for research purposes. However, it wasn’t until I met the people in the school who showed me several tools that helped me improve the way I did my projects and even be able to help others with problems that had certain resemblance.

I consider this School taught me so much, up to the point I am still using and checking things I learned at that moment for my job. I am quite grateful to the people who collaborate for this event to happen. 


Jack Marquez, PhD Student

Attending the first HPC Summer School was helpful because I could get a lot of information about different technologies present in HPC. Also, I was able to get in touch with some people who have worked on this topic for so many years and get some of the knowledge they have about it. This summer school was very exciting because I got a relation with some parallel computing technologies as openACC, also with the trend of containers doing some experiments with Docker and Singularity.