Our mission

We aim to build a multidisciplinary and multidomain Colombian Community of Practice to ensure the efficient analysis and sharing of big data. Some fields important for Colombia’s economy are data-intensive: geographical information systems, geological modelling, biodiversity genomics, weather forecasting, etc. Our strategy leverages always-limiting physical resources, integrating tools and services, and integrating data.

Our community aims to cultivate and foster a digital infrastructure for data-intensive analysis. This infrastructure includes the use of High-Performance Computers (HPC), use of large shared data storage, and the establishment of collaborations and virtual organisations around common practices, tools and data. Also, it necessarily includes the community of people and institutes that manage these resources in a sustainable, secure, collaborative, and interoperable way.

Our strategy is often referred to as “adopt and adapt”. Tapping into existing international developments of tools and services for data management and analysis will ensure that local researchers are in a position to readily access international resources as well as to integrate local resources in the best ways. The availability in Colombia of capable system administrators and application developers is a key strength in our proposal, and willingness to work together is evidenced by the discussions during the inaugural “C3Biodiversidad” workshop organised by the “Global Impact Network BRIDGE Colombia” in Bogota in June 2018. Our proposal will offer opportunities for advance technical training of personnel for a long-term socioeconomic impact. We will also promote best practices and policies for data access and management in Colombia through the industry/academy networking and training.